5 Tips on Wearing Sneakers with Jeans

Yes, you can wear your shoes outside of the exercise center, however there are standards! Alright, approve, I know some are willing to say that it’s okay to blend the two, your exercise center shoes and your non- exercise center sneaks, however truly … unless you are after all other options have been exhausted, there are preferred decisions to make over to wear your stinky running shoes to supper. Also, think of some as slip-on sneaks, as these may simply be your go-to shoe that puts some spring in your stride. Whether it’s shoes with pants or with skirts and dresses, we have five tips to share so you’ll know how to wear tennis shoes with pants … and even skirts!

Step by step instructions to wear Sneaker with Jeans and Skirts:

Tip #1: Cuff those jeans and show your lower leg bone.

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Tip #2: Don’t wear socks, or if nothing else don’t give them a chance to appear.


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Tip #3: Go for a strong shading or great look.

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Tip #4: Sure, wear them with a dress or skirt, simply cautious.


Tip #5: Grab a couple pair and some of those low-rider socks

Socks that won’t be seen:


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